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Tall, Dark and Dangerous

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Careless Whispers
Dirty Money

One Dangerous Night

Blake Walker left behind the ATF when the drug cartel he was hunting cost him the life of his fellow agent, and fiancee. Now, two years later, he’s working with his brothers at Walker Security, but he’s living fast, hard, and wild, until he reaches the ultimate high…revenge. And he’s close, so close he can taste it. He’s one meeting, one woman, away from being inside one of the money laundering shells the cartel operates.

One woman…. One dangerously hot night….



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Blake’s journey begins…
The first meeting…

One Dangerous Night

Hot women, fast cars, and living on the edge pretty much summed up Blake Walker’s life for the past two years. All of which were simply diversions, ways to distract himself until he had the ultimate prize he sought…revenge. Though at the moment, the leggy brunette who’d just sashayed into Denver’s ‘The Rooftop Lounge’ inside the ritzy hotel his client had booked for him, her hair pinned up, and her sexy curves tucked beneath a prim cream colored skirt and blouse, had his eye.

Blake draped his arm on the back of the booth he was lounging in, devouring her with his eyes, while he nursed a beer he didn’t want. He’d seen enough booze and drugs in his days at the ATF to last a lifetime, enough death along with those things, to last a lifetime. No. Not enough. It would never be enough until the murdering son-of-a-bitch cartel leader, Alvarez, was ten feet under. Then there would be enough death and not a second sooner, and since that attitude didn’t set well with his higher-ups, he’d decided working with his brothers at Walker Security sounded pretty damn good. Of course, his brothers Royce and Luke weren’t keen on murder either but based on how they felt about their new spouses, he’d bet his weight in gold they’d change their mind if it had been their fiancée killed in cold blood.

The woman scanned the dimly lit modern room, taking in the carved out circular booths like the one he was in, and the mini-round tables with candles flickering on top, until her eyes found him, and he sensed a hint of trepidation in her. He almost snorted. She was working for a guy named ‘Richter’, a high-up in one of the many corporate shells Alvarez used for money laundering, and she actually seemed to size up his long dark hair and leather jacket with disdain. He knew her type, the ones who justified their work in the world they were living by hiding it beneath righteousness or naivety. In her case, she came with a dose of prickly and prim, no doubt, for effect. Oh yeah, he knew her type all right, and didn’t like them, but as her eyes met his a jolt of awareness rocked him. There was something about this woman. The idea of tearing away the mockery of her properness and forcing her to admit what she was appealed to him in a big way. After all, he needed intel, and what better way to get it than halfway to orgasm with the promise of going all the way. Get fucked or do the fucking. He wasn’t getting fucked anywhere but the bedroom, and by choice, ever again.

She tore her gaze from his and his lips quirked as she scanned the bar yet again. Despite her rather successful attempt to look uneasy, he had the distinct impression she was counting heads, like he had. He did the inventory in his head again with her. A couple in the far right booth. Another in the far left. A middle aged drunk telling his troubles to the bartender and two girlfriends chatting it up at a center table. She wasn’t naive, this one. She knew what she was doing. Finally, her attention slid back to him, her only prospect for the meeting her boss had arranged.

He arched a challenging brow at her. She straightened her spine and marched towards him. He watched her walk and didn’t hide his admiration. He wanted her uncomfortable. He wanted her to slip up and tell him things she wasn’t supposed to tell him.

“Mr. Wright?”

Blake gave a nod. “That’s right,” he joked, playing on words. “But call me Blake.” He used an alias for his last name but found sticking to his real first name was safer than not. It made little slips of tongue less likely. “And you must be-”

“Tiffany Snow,” she said, but there was something awkward about the way she said her name that made him question it being real. Of course, the fact that it sounded like a porn star didn’t help him keep his mind off undressing her.

“I thought Rachel Merit was coming.”

“She was suddenly tied up so you got me.” She motioned to the seat. “May I?”

“Be my guest.” He lifted his beer. “Drink?”

“No,” she said, slipping her briefcase and purse from her shoulder. “I don’t drink.”

He barked out laughter.

Her brows dipped. “What’s funny about that?”

“More ironic than funny considering who your boss is.”

“I wouldn’t know what that means. I’m new to Newport Industries.”

“How new?”

“One month.”

“And you were sent to meet with me? You must have exceptional skills.”

“I’m efficient.”

One Dangerous Night

“How efficient?”

Her eyes, a milk chocolate brown a shade lighter than his own, held his. “I guess you’ll have to decide that when we complete out business.”

Whoa Mama. There was an invitation if he ever heard one. So Alvarez had sent him a present to fill his fancy hotel room with. Wasn’t that something? “I guess I will.”

Her teeth scraped her coral painted kissable mouth. He could think of a lot of places he’d like that mouth. “I understand you have a file for me?” she inquired.

The file being dirt on a certain businessman her boss wanted to blackmail, a test to see if Blake was worthy of bigger and better things. Blake would have felt guilty about just how thorough his file was if said business man wasn’t a lowlife thief. “And you have money for me?”

“If you’re owed money, I assure you it’s in the package. I’ll just need the file first.”

“It’s in my room.”

Those lush lips parted. “Your room,” she repeated.

He leaned in closer. “Some things are better done in private. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Seconds ticked by, and the air thickened, charged. There was more to this woman than met the eye, and he found himself wanting to discover every inch of that more, and then some. “My boss did stress discretion,” she finally said, her voice just a bit breathless.

“Well then,” he drawled. “Let’s be sure and give it to him.” He tossed money on the table and pushed to his feet, before offering her his hand to help her up.

She stared at his hand a moment, playing the cat and mouse game, oh so well. She wasn’t a mouse though, this one. More like a wildcat, he was willing to bet, and looking forward to finding out.

She retrieved her things before standing up, ignoring his offer of help. “Lead the way, Mr. Wright.”

Oh, he intended to. If she was willing to sell her body and soul to a murdering monster for a paycheck, he wasn’t going to feel guilty about using her for everything she might have to offer.

The exchange…

They stepped onto the elevator alone, and his little would-be good-girl secretary that wasn’t, turned her back to the right wall to face him. Blake punched in the floor of their destination and leaned casually against the wall. She was wearing a thin dress and it was winter in Denver, Colorado. Where was her coat?

A couple pushed into the car just before the doors shut, separating the two of them, then backing against the wall so that they could still make eye contact. He sized up the couple — middle aged, corporate types — both wearing wedding rings he didn’t think they gave each other. He dismissed them as no threat almost immediately, refocusing on Tiffany — if that was really her name.

They might not be alone but the awareness was there between them nevertheless, that charge he’d already felt in the air intensifying with each passing second in a way he hadn’t experienced with a woman in far too long. Why it was this one he didn’t know, but he figured it was simply the high of how close he was to Alvarez. Finally, he’d found his mockery of a corporate shell, and he was inches from locating him.

Two floors passed and the elevator doors opened. Blake motioned to the newfound informant, who didn’t know that’s what she was about to be, silently letting her know this was their floor. She pushed off the wall and headed into the hallway. He joined her, resisting the urge to touch her. Not yet. Soon. Very soon.

“I’m at the end of the hall,” he commented.

One Dangerous Night

“Of course,” she said quietly.

He cut her a sideways look. “Of course?”

“I’ve never known anyone to be at the door by the elevator,” she supplied. “Have you?”

He shrugged. “I never gave it much thought.” But he had. The location of the elevator for fast escape was always a consideration, as was the long walk to what was likely a one night stand, in which you question how smart your actions were. Only he wasn’t questioning any such thing. She was, though. Where she’d been cool and confident before, he sensed barely contained nerves that didn’t quite match the persona beneath the exterior he’d assumed. What was it about this woman that didn’t quite compute as right? And why the hell did he suddenly want to comfort her? He resisted the urge to scrub his jaw, aware of her beside him, of the feminine, alluring way she moved. Of the soft scent of some sort of flower — jasmine or honeysuckle — or some sweet something he’d never liked until now.

At the end of the hall, they stopped at his door to a room he’d intentionally had changed in case the original one had been bugged. Not that he couldn’t debug or defunct anything electronic he chose to, but safe was always better than sorry.

Impatience wasn’t a trait he favored, but his blood ran hot for this woman and his hand moved quickly to swipe the key. On some level, he recognized this was an invitation for trouble. He shoved the idea away as ridiculous as he opened the hotel door and motioned her forward. She didn’t hesitate. In fact, she rushed forward, seeming eager to get out of the hallway.

Blake shut the door behind him, sauntering into the room to find her tossing her purse and briefcase on the typical luxury room high back chair by the window. He shrugged out of his leather jacket and tossed it on the king sized bed separating them. “You have my money?”

“I’ll need to review the file.”

He crossed the room, stopping at the desk and pulled the chair out, putting them within a few steps of each other. Blake opened the drawer and removed the file, setting it on top of the desk. He tapped the top of it. “Now you show me yours. Full exposure at the same time.”

Her lashes lowered, and he could almost hear her thinking about her next move, before her brown eyes met his and for just an instant he saw trepidation in her eyes. She blinked and it was gone, but he’d seen it, recognized it for the hesitation and fear that it was, and silently cursed. Holy hell. He was her first gig like this. She wasn’t even sure this was where she belonged but something made her desperate enough to do this. Fuck me. He was going to try and save her.

“All right,” she said, and she reached for her briefcase but instead of removing the file, she carried it with her towards him. She stopped at the chair and set it down, but didn’t reach for the file. Instead, she stepped around the chair, close to him.

Blake didn’t wait for her to act. He pulled her to him, and maneuvered her against the wall. “Why are you here?”

“I thought we were pretty clear on that point?”

“I’m not.” He pressed one hand to the wall beside her, his body framing hers but not touching it. He wanted this woman, but if he could scare her the hell out of this room without touching her, it would be in her best interest. “Spell it out.”

“I have something you want. You have something I want.”

His body responded to that tease, his cock thickening against his jeans. “And yet you’re in my room, alone with me. You have to know that’s asking for more than a simple exchange.”

“It’s as simple as it gets. You brought my boss a file. If I like what’s inside it, I’m to make sure you’re rewarded. So I suggest you show me your file, Mr. Wright. Otherwise, you won’t be getting anything.”

She delivered the seductive promise with such Grande that he almost — almost — believed he’d been wrong about her, but not quite. “You don’t have to do this, you know?”

“You’re right,” she said. “I don’t. I can walk out of here with my envelope and leave you with yours. I just choose not to.”

“What is it he’s promised you to make you willing to sell your soul and your body for him?”

One Dangerous Night

Her hand slid to his chest. “I have a choice.” She leaned into him and pressed her lips to his. She tasted like the same tangerine of her lipstick, sweet and tangy, tempting.

He didn’t respond at first, thinking through what came next, what he should do. She was inside Alvarez’s operation. He had no reason to trust her, or help her, and he wanted her more than he remembered wanting anyone in a very long time. So, why was he hesitating to take what she offered?

With a low growl, he slid his hand to her back and called her bluff. If he was right about her, he’d scare the shit out of her and have one hell of a cold shower afterwards. His mouth slanted over hers, tongue delving past her teeth, hand settling on her back, molding her soft curves to his hard body.

She melted against him, a soft moan sliding from her throat, her arms wrapping around his neck. Holy hell, he thought again. He could make love to this woman. Make her feel soft, sexy, and pleasured, and enjoy every damn second of it, seduce her into helping him. They had chemistry and attraction that would make this easy to blow off as a hot night that wasn’t as dangerous as it was for her future. But that wouldn’t save her, and she needed to be saved. He didn’t know why he knew this, but he did. The only way to help her was to scare the living shit out of her. To take her places she wouldn’t want to go and force her to see that this wasn’t where she belonged. That meant this was going someplace down and dirty, and hard and gritty.

His hand caressed over her side and upward, until he palmed her full, high breast, his fingers finding the already stiff peak of her nipple under the soft silk of her dress and, surprisingly, barely there bra. She arched into his touch rather than pulling away and he knew this was where he set the stakes higher. Where he pushed her.

He set her back from him, his eyes meeting hers, searching her face, searching her lovely, passion filled face, and damn it, he wanted her to stay all soft and wanting, just like she was now. But in all good conscience, and he hated he still had one, he couldn’t let that happen.

Blake backed away and sat on the edge of the bed, and damn she looked sexy with her hair down. “Take off your clothes.”

She blinked at him, and her creamy ivory skin paled even further, but she recovered quickly, drawing in a breath and reaching for the zipper running up the front of her dress. His blood thundered in his ears like he was some kind of randy teenager who hadn’t seen plenty of hot woman, and hot flesh, before. What the hell was it about this woman that set off a firestorm inside him? But he knew. His gut twisted with just how well he knew. She was gorgeous, out of her element, and she needed to be saved. Like someone else he’d failed to save. And damn it to hell, he thought he had enough distance from this to be calculated and cold, to finish this once and for all.

The dress shimmered down his new temptation’s hips and fell to the ground, leaving her wearing a cream-colored bra and panties set with little diamond sparkles, thigh-highs and heels. He drew in a heavy breath, reeling in the desire he knew he had to control. There was so much more on the line than sex, mostly for her.

She reached for her bra and he moved quickly, surprising her, and shackling her wrist. She was flat on the mattress, and beneath him in an instant, one of his legs between hers, because both would have been too much to bare. As it was, that scent of hers, all sweet and flowery, was like fire licking at his limbs. And his cock, which was against her hip, throbbed with the promise of how close he was to the also sweet V of her legs.

“You don’t have to do this,” he told her.

“I thought we already covered this?”

“Not well enough. You aren’t too far gone to turn back.”

“This coming from a man who has me almost naked in a hotel bed with him?”

“Almost, sweetheart. I didn’t think you’d have the courage to really strip for me. Whatever it is you think working for this guy will fix, it won’t. What do you need? Money? I’ll give you money if you promise to walk away from this and never look back.”

“So I’ll work for you instead of him?”

“No strings. You never have to see me again.”

“Are you seriously trying to save me?” she asked.

“Yes. I am.”

She studied him a long moment before her fingers curled on his cheek, the simple, delicate touch, sending a rippling sensation through his body. “You know what they say about those who try too hard to save other people?” She didn’t wait for a reply. “They say, they need saving themselves.”

One Dangerous Night

His hand slid to hers. “I’m way beyond saving, sweetheart.”

“So am I,” she whispered.

“I don’t believe that.”

“Then you’re looking too hard for something that’s not there.”

“I don’t think so.”

“If I can be saved then so can you.”

His lips twisted cynically. “We aren’t even in the same universe. Believe me. I’m lost. You can still be found.”

“You sound so sure.” She reached up and stroked his hair from where it already began to fall from the back at his neck, his fingers tugging it forward. Every time she touched him, his entire body burned. She had no idea how much willpower it required for him not to slide between her thighs and settle in for a long, hot night. “I wonder,” she contemplated, studying him with big, gorgeous eyes, he could get lost in forever, “if maybe we should both try to save each other and then in the morning, pretend we didn’t?”

Or maybe, Blake thought, in the morning he’d fly her off to some tropical paradise, away from this wicked winter hell of Alvarez’s world, and convince her she never has to come back.

The negotiation…

Blake’s mouth came down on hers, and this time he didn’t hold back. He wanted to save her. She wanted to save him. She didn’t have a chance where he was concerned, but the wicked heat of her kiss, the delicate play of her tongue against his, sure as hell would go a long way in helping him forget why that wasn’t possible, at least, for tonight.

His hand slid down her neck, over the soft silk of her shoulder and he tugged her bra strap down with him. Her skin was cool and he was hot. He wanted her hot in a nearly consuming way. It was illogical but he really didn’t care. His mouth traveled the delicate line of her shoulder blade and downward. Her fingers played in his hair, her touch affecting him far too easily, but then there wasn’t a lot of softness he let in his life. Normally, he’d snatch her hand, and hold it over her head. He’d do the touching, not her, so why wasn’t he doing that now? Why wasn’t he stopping her? Why the hell was he lingering at the sweet spot at the base of her throat when he could be ripping away her panties and burying himself inside her?

After all, he’d been on the edge before he’d ever met her, ready to finally get what he wanted, what he’d craved for two years. Knowing he was still too far away. His need for an escape, for something hard, fast, and furious, should be driving him. Instead an inescapable, dangerously distracting, need to save this woman, to please her, consumed him.

His fingers traced the clip in the center of her bra and unsnapped it, closer to having her completely bared to him. He wanted her bared to him. He wanted her naked, panting, and screaming his name. Blake caressed away the silk of her bra and framed her high, full breasts with his hands. She arched into him, and moaned when his mouth closed down on the rosy peek of one nipple. He took his time, teasing her, licking her, enjoying her, rather than ravishing her, slowly kissing his way downward, until he peeled her panties down her hips.

Something dark and needy expanded inside him at the sight of the dark, well-groomed triangle of hair between her thighs. He slid off of the bed, and took the panties all the way down her legs, at the same time he went to his knees, pulling her towards him.

She rose up on her elbows, her big brown eyes wide with emotion, without arousal, and yes–there it was again — just a hint of trepidation. No matter how hard she tried to hide the truth, a night with a stranger wasn’t the norm for her. Not even close.

His gaze raked over her lush breasts, his cock thick and pulsing, and he tugged his shirt over his head and got rid of it. He tossed one of her high-heels and then the other. “No shoes, keeps you from running away.”

“Then maybe you better take yours off,” she commented.

“I never run.”

“Neither do I,” she said. “But even the score. Shoes off.”

One Dangerous Night

His lips quirked at her challenge and he gladly complied. “Satisfied now?” he asked settling her feet back on his thighs.

“Not yet,” she said. “But I have high hopes I will be.”

He laughed at that bold statement. She was a contradiction of fearless and fearful that intrigued him. “You will be,” he promised, and one by one, he rolled the lace-topped silk slices down her legs, skimming a path down her long, shapely legs. The woman had a killer body that would have had any man begging to be right here, opening her legs to him. And open she did as he settled one delicate instep on each of his shoulders.

He stroked a finger down her core and her legs quivered. “Slick and hot,” he approved. “You sure feel like you want to be saved.”

“I’m not sure saved is the word-”

Blake buried his face between her thighs, and suckled her nub. She gasped in surprise and he watched her fall back onto the mattress, her pink painted nails digging into the comforter. He smiled with satisfaction, lapping at her, delicately teasing and licking, even as his finger slid insider her, stroking her. And she unraveled for him, oh yeah she did. Soft moans and sweet nectar that were so sexy and perfect he could have licked her all night, but she wasn’t having it. She shattered for him, her body shaking, arching deliciously against his mouth and hand.

And then she rolled to her side, hiding her face, again with a contradiction. The bold beauty who’d challenged him to please her and now the shy beauty who’d just been pleased. Blake wasn’t having any part of her hiding from him. If he was going to influence her, and clearly sex had become his weapon of doing so, he needed to get to her, he needed to connect beyond an orgasm.

Blake tossed his jacket that was still on the bed and slid in front of her, lacing his hand into her hair and forcing her to look at him. “What are you hiding from?” he asked, and he wasn’t just talking about sex. “Me or something else?”

Her eyes went wide, sparking with emotion. “Nothing. I’m not hiding from anything.” She slid close to him, pressing her soft, perfect body against his. “What are you hiding from? And why aren’t you inside me already?”

The challenge ripped through him with the intended effect. He was instantly hotter and harder and that was a pretty sizable order considering how hot and hard he’d already been. Blake’s mouth closed down over hers, and this time, he did devour her. This time, he took all she had to give, and give she did. She met each stroke of his tongue with fervor, drinking him, taking when he thought he’d be the one doing the taking.

She shoved him to his back and climbed on top of him. “I can’t save you when you have your clothes on.” She reached for his jeans and stroked the thick ridge of his erection. “And you really feel like you want to be saved.”

He would have laughed at her using his line on him, but she distracted him by sliding down his zipper, her breasts eye-candy as she did. She tugged at his jeans and he gladly helped her walk them and his boxers down his legs.

“Your condom or mine?” she asked. “I assume you have one.”

This time he leaned up on his elbows. “Back pocket. Where’s yours?”

“My purse.”

“You came prepared.”

She retrieved the wrapper of two condoms. “I told you I’m efficient.” She climbed onto the bed and between his legs, right in front of his shaft, her soft hand wrapping his width.

“It appears you are,” he commented, only to find turn around was fair play as she bent down and sucked the head of him into her mouth.

“Sweet mother of Jesus,” he murmured, but unlike her, he didn’t lay back. He watched her lick him, suck him, for as long as he dared, before he reached for her. “Either put the condom on me or give it to me to do it.”

She wet her lips, making his cock jerk. “I want to finish.”

One Dangerous Night

“Finish on me, baby. That’s where I want you.” He found the wrapper where she’d dropped it on the bed and tore it open, rolling it down his length, while she watched with so much admiration, he wasn’t sure he or his cock could bear much more.

He scooted back against the headboard and pulled her across his lap. Her delicate fingers dug into his shoulders and he lifted her, fitting his cock to the silky opening of her body, and pressing inside. His breath lodged in his throat at the tight, wet heat surrounding him, and only when she’d taken him all did he feel it trickle past his lips, did his eyes open and met hers.

The connection took him off guard, the crackle of awareness that he felt both in his body and yes, beyond. Emotion expanded in his chest, and it made no sense. He didn’t even know this woman. Tiffany. She’d said she was Tiffany. The name felt wrong, but she felt right. What the fuck was she doing to him and why was he letting her.

Suddenly, Blake needed that old high of intense pleasure, of driving himself over the edge of bliss where he felt nothing but a rush. He laced his fingers into her hair and buried his tongue in her mouth, devouring her, and pressing her down against his cock. Moving inside her, urging her into a rocking motion, and then pressing her backwards until her hands were on his thighs, her breasts thrust into the air.

“Ride me,” he ordered, caressing her breast, kissing her nipple. “Ride, baby.”

Her head dropped backwards, all that silky hair behind her, the creamy silk of her neck as sexy as the rest of her, moving against him, pumping his cock. He could feel her urgency growing, her need, and he had to taste it.

He pulled her to him, molding her close and dragging her mouth to his. His tongue stroked against hers and she gasped into his mouth. Suddenly, her body spasmed around him, grabbing his cock and milking his release. They clung to each other, shaking with the intensity of what had just happened between them.

When finally they stilled, he rolled her to face him, back the way they started, sliding one leg over hers, certain she was going to try to escape. She wasn’t looking at him, and he tilted her chin up. “Is this where we exchange files?” she asked, before he could say anything.

“Not even close,” he promised, brushing his lips over hers. “You haven’t even told me your real name yet?”

“Tiffany. My name is Tiffany.”

He stroked her cheek. “Tell me I’m the first you’ve ever done this with.”

She laughed nervously. “Did it seem like the first?”

“Yes,” he said. “The first time like this, for him.”

She scraped her bottom lip. “I didn’t do this for him. I wouldn’t have done this for him. I did it for me.”

The passion behind those words, the vehement force, spoke volumes. She’d made choices, just as she’d said she had, but she resented where they’d led her, where she felt she couldn’t escape.

He rolled her to her back, keeping one leg around hers, framing her body with his elbows. “Did what?”

Her eyes glowed with challenge. “Fucked you but now we need to exchange files.”

He saw the words as the wall they were. She was afraid he was seeing beyond what she thought he should. “We have all night and I’m far from done with you.” Blake slanted his mouth over hers and showed her just how not done he was with her.

The Escape…

Blake blinked awake as the maid walked into the room and screamed in embarrassment. He tried to sit up and felt the wave of nausea hit him like a head-on collision. Drugged. He knew the feeling. He’d lived it once before, on an assignment in Mexico City gone bad. The maid ran out of the room and the door slammed shut and thank God, because he was naked and headed to the toilet. He barely made it to the seat before he threw up. And threw up some more. He’d been screwed over by a beautiful woman. He would have laughed if he wasn’t so fucking sick. He wasn’t a fool. Not by a long shot, yet, he’d acted like one.

One Dangerous Night

And six hours later, when he’d finally dressed and confirmed the file was gone, he was finally capable of trying to figure out what had happened. He sat in the hotel room and dialed the offices where Tiffany Snow should work and asked for her. And just as he expected, she didn’t exist. Rachel, the woman who was supposed to meet him, wasn’t in.

Fifteen minutes later, Blake found where Kyle, one of the Walker tech experts, and a close friend keeping his pursuit of Alvarez off his brother’s radar, had parked a rental car in front of the hotel at a meter to wait on him.

Blake climbed into the passenger seat and slammed the door, snatching Kyle’s sunglasses and putting them on. “Tell me you got an address on Rachel.”

“Of course,” Kyle said, giving him a sideways look from his too knowing green eyes. “You look like shit.”

“Yeah. Thanks. You look like a smart-ass.”

“Really?” he asked, pulling into traffic. “I had no idea smart-asses looked like blonde blue eyed Adonis.”

“You don’t have blue eyes.”

“And you must be sick as shit because by default you just agreed I’m an Adonis.”

Blake slid down into the seat and didn’t bother answering. The movement of the car was pissing him and his stomach off. “Drive faster.”

Thirty-minutes of hell Denver traffic later, Blake and Kyle entered the back of a small house owned by Rachel. When she wouldn’t answer her door, they entered and found her tied to a chair and gagged. “Who are you?” she screamed the instant Blake pulled the tape off. “And where is the bitch who tied me up? I’ll pay good money to kill her before my boss kills me for letting her do this to me.”

Blake knelt down beside her. He’d failed to prove himself to the boss beneath Alvarez and he had to find a way to fix that and fix it now. “I’m the guy who is going to save your ass so your boss doesn’t kill you.” He’d give her the list and arrange to get her out of the country a few weeks later, before she decided to spill his identity. It didn’t take long to convince Rachel of his plan.

There was just one lose end. Tiffany Snow. What had she wanted with that list? He didn’t like unknowns. He didn’t like being a victim. And he didn’t like letting himself do what he swore he wouldn’t do again. Get fucked. People got killed when you were that sloppy.

He was going to find Tiffany Snow. She could count on it. He was…

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