Inside Out Series

The Secret Life of Amy Bensen
Tall, Dark and Dangerous

TOP PICK! 4 1/2 Stars! “Intoxicating, intense and deeply seductive, (…) you will crave the next installment like a drug.”

Careless Whispers
Dirty Money


I think I should include this scene in book….what do you think?

I couldn’t resist one more visit to condom land because as a romance writer it really takes care of the dreaded CONDOM SCENE ….
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This commercial was banned in US but….

I think its hilarious.

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I’m blogging at Danger Women Writing today

You can find me here more »

The Monkey’s are inspiring today…

It’s all how you look at things lol!
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This is how I feel when I am stuck on a plot point….

It is also probably how I look to bystanders!

These are orientals by the way– the same kind of cat I have. Such cuties…

Me trying to get out of a plot corner I’ve written myself into…..
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I’m blogging here today…

Visit me here today as I chat about the Karen Moning FEVER series…

If you have missed me on twitter — I’ll be back mid-week. I am normally there daily:) I had about a week and a half I was technology challenged that will be cured Wednesday. See you in twitterland! … Read more »

I’m blogging at every Tuesday

Come see me if you have a moment. We are talking audio books today.
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Blogging today and prizes

I’m blogging and giving away books today while getting ready for my new baseball Blaze in August and YAY — six official releases next year. 3 of those are Blaze and start with JUMP START the beginning of a trilogy in January that will run January, March, and May. My darn Tweetdeck is down again so I can’t tell people:( But if you get a chance come see me:) And if anyone can tweet me, that would be so great!

Here’s the location — an awesome fun blog!

I am promising to get blogging here again too. PROMISE. I … Read more »

Why the Federal goverment is against Arizona state law- opinion from former owner of staffing agency

I have heard so much talk about Arizona and being with a legal, educated Mexican man certainly gives me some perspective on this subject but my real perspective comes from years of owning a staffing agency. So much to say about this subject that I am going to give some important points before I give my bottom line — why the Federal Government has not and will not end the illegal immigrants issue.

–And for the record — My DH is for Arizona. He believes illegals make his race look bad. His mother came over here legally a good 40 … Read more »

Another re-release in ebook–HEALER

Healer is now available in ebook! I will have Man Made Delights released again soon.
Here is the link. I can’t get it to show up without all the code but you can click to get to the page at Amazon.

Product Description — This book received my first exciting 4.5 star review at Romantic times!

The battle with the Arions continues. The genetically enhanced Black Knights battle to save the world from the Arions. But to harness their special powers, they need help from the outside, someone who understands how to seize the power and complexity of the … Read more »

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