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Start Harper and Eric’s story today, to get read for their epic finale on March 12th! Passion. Lies. Family. Eric and Harper will feel the repercussions of a dynasty gone wrong. Secrets remain. Danger is everywhere. And the pull of a forbidden love can’t be ignored.

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    Already subscribed and thanks for the chance for the gift card :)

  2. Ashley
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    Thanks for the chance! Can’t wait for Her Submission and the ending to Eric’s trilogy!

  3. Sandy Montemayor
      · February 27th, 2019 at 12:33 am · Link

    This is awesome, thank you for the chance.

  4. Tracy W
      · February 27th, 2019 at 2:04 am · Link

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  5. Brenda Smith
      · February 27th, 2019 at 5:25 pm · Link

    This would be awesome to win. Thanks for the chance.

      · February 27th, 2019 at 8:33 pm · Link

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I Love your writing <3

  7. Heather Blitz
      · February 27th, 2019 at 8:59 pm · Link

    Thanks for the chance

  8. Nina W
      · February 27th, 2019 at 9:19 pm · Link

    Already a subscriber.
    Thank you Lisa for this lovely opportunity :-D

  9. Sue A.
      · March 1st, 2019 at 10:07 am · Link

    Thank you for this chance!

  10. Jennifer Grimm
      · March 2nd, 2019 at 10:32 pm · Link

    You are so generous! Thanks for all you do for your readers.

  11. Pear Hossain
      · March 20th, 2019 at 10:01 am · Link

    :-P wow! Lisa its just amazing! Thanks a lot for this lovely opportunity!

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