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Reading order of THE INSIDE OUT SERIES

Hi all–

I skyped with a bookclub on Friday and it became very apparent that there is much confusion over the journals and the reading order of the series. I then posted on facebook to get a feel for the journals and readership and the overwhelming response of confusion prompted this post. 

First, the journals are not simply companion material. They are Rebecca’s story from the series and they end at a place that leads into BEING ME.

Second, you find out what happens to Rebecca in BEING ME so if you don’t read journals 1-4 before you read BEING ME then you will have that spoiled for you. Lots of people are telling me they thought the journals were going to spoil BEING ME for them. Just the opposite. They make BEING ME better and BEING ME will spoil the journals for you. 

Third, Journal 5 (MASTER UNDONE) is not a journal at all. It is a novella in THE Master’s POV and it leads into his own book and a continuation of the INSIDE OUT SERIES. YES there are more books in the series after REVEALING US and you will see that when you finish REVEALING US. 

Fourth, the MASTER UNDONE novella is meant to be read after BEING ME. That’s why it’s released after BEING ME. 

Finally, Rebecca’s lost journals are written as a story despite the journal entires. There are many actual scenes Rebecca remembers that are in the journals  and each leads to the next journal. You learn how she met THE Master and how their relationship develops. They read as stand alone stories but they are packed with clues as to what happens in BEING ME. 

BEING ME answers almost all of your questions and launches into a whole new chapter of INSIDE OUT that begins in REVEALING US. But you won’t have to worry that you will be left hanging. I didn’t draw out the story just to write a book 3. I’ve plotted a long storyline for this series. You’ll see where that is going very clearly in REVEALING US. I’m really excited for the readers of the series to experience where it’s going. I love these characters and look forward to sharing more of them in the future!


Please if you will help spread the word about the journals and post on twitter and/or facebook and even your blogs. I would be so very very grateful. I don’t want  people to miss the experience of the journals and how they tie to the end of BEING ME. The last page of BEING ME is so much more profound if you have read the journals. Again though you CAN skip the journals but I think when you finish BEING ME you will know why they are a special part of the series.

I cannot wait for JUNE 11th! I love BEING ME more than any book I’ve ever written and I cannot wait to see what YOU think!:)


PS just because I can’t help myself…

My most recent Mark pinup. Sigh. Hotness personified!

My most recent Mark pinup. Sigh. Hotness personified!


Mark Mark Mark! Sigh...

Mark Mark Mark! Sigh…











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  1. Gislene
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    When my wife filed her first return years ago, her paertns told her while she was writing her check “don’t forget to write ‘taxes suck’ in the memo section,” and she’d begun writing it before realizing they were only joking.

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