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Liam Stone POV Extra Scene

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Liam Stone POV Scene



I am at the center of a holiday party inside Rockefeller Center, trapped in a conversation with two men rambling about politics, listening without hearing, my attention on one thing. Amy. She stands a good twenty feet distant, too far away to suit me, at one of the many tables of food in the room, surveying the appetizers being offered, her long blonde hair sleek and silky around her shoulders. She is stunning in a form-fitting V-neck dress of silver lace that I’d insisted she buy after I saw the way her eyes lit up when it caught her eye in the store. She, in turn, shyly suggested we match, proceeding to choose my light grey suit and silver tie, a pairing that affected me beyond a clothing choice. This woman has come into my life and become my better half, my second chance to live, when I didn’t even realize I needed a second chance. The same second chance she needed.

“Andrews is the right candidate,” one of the men next to me says. “He has the right idea on…”

I tune him out, watching Amy select one of the variety of French chocolates atop the lace-draped table beside her. She nibbles a sweet delight, and while my gaze can’t quite reach her kissable lips, I know them to be far sweeter than any chocolate on that display. She turns away then, placing herself in profile to me, her gaze falling on the window now directly in front of her, where Christmas lights twinkle, the famous holiday tree sparkling at the edge of the ice rink, but again, I do not see the view.

I see her.

And I see the way she bunches the napkin in her palm, curling her fingers over it, and I know Amy well enough to see that one small thing as a clear indication to me that she’s barely containing her fear of being in public. Fear I know to be driven by a secret we will never escape. She is certain it will sneak up on us and attack with the same brutal fierceness of her parents’ murders. But I won’t let that happen. I have control, and I will ensure that secret will never hurt Amy again.

“Liam,” one of the men begins, but I ignore him, and am walking toward Amy, I’m angry with myself for failing to make her feel safe. And I am irritated as a cluster of tuxedo-clad men, and several women in sparkling gowns, separate me from her. I cut around them, finding my direct path to Amy, my energy both predatory and protective. She is mine to protect. No one will hurt her.

She must sense my energy, abruptly turning away from the window to face me, and the instant her gaze lands on me, her reaction is what I assume she must see in me, her eyes registering appreciation, attraction, love. And God, how I love this woman in a way I never believed possible. Completely, totally. She is part of who I am.

She inhales as I near, relief washing over her expression at my rejoining her side, and while I am pleased I comfort her, I do not want her to need that comfort from nothing more than a public outing. I stop in front of her, my hands settling possessively at her waist. “You belong with me.”

“You weren’t beside the chocolates,” she says, giving a nervous laugh.

Ignoring her attempt at humor, I step closer to her, aligning our legs and tilting my head down toward her. “Breathe, baby.”

Her hand flattens on my chest. “I’m trying.”

I inch back, my gaze meeting hers. “We’re sending a powerful message by stepping out in public. We have nothing to hide.”

“And yet we do, and we always will.”

I brush a lock of hair from her eyes. “We have to forget it exists.”

“I know you think this is the best way to face this, Liam, but forgetting, and living my life, that’s what got me in trouble.”

“Because you were running blind with no understanding of your enemy and no control of your destiny. We have control.”

“We,” she repeats, still not seeming to fully get her head around the fact that she isn’t alone anymore. That she will never be alone again.

“We, baby,” I confirm. “And since I still see fear in your eyes, you’re forcing me to take action.”

Her eyes narrow on mine. “Oh no. If you’re about to go all-out Liam Stone on me, don’t. Not here. Not now.”

I lean in and press my cheek to hers, my lips finding her ear. “We’re going to take a little fuck break from the party and come back refreshed.”

“Liam,” she gasps, and I laugh at her shock, loving the perfect combination of sweet and sexy that is the woman I’ve fallen in love with. “Already,” I add, “you aren’t thinking of anything but me. Exactly what I want.”

Her hand flattens on my chest once more, and she leans back to look at me. “Liam-”

“You know how I like it when you say my name,” I say, lacing her fingers with mine. “Amy.” I start walking, leading her, our destination someplace quiet and private. Her destination my tongue and enough pleasure she forgets everything but how to say my name again. Several people try to garner my attention, but I have only one person on my mind and that’s Amy.

I weave through the bodies, the tables, and the security team at the door to lead her down a hallway to a bathroom where I enter and take her with me. Before she has time to blink, I have us sealed in the small room, the door locked, and her pressed against it.

“We are not-” she starts.

I kiss her, a deep passionate kiss, and she tastes of champagne, chocolate and the only happiness I’ve known in decades. She is my next breath, my life, my love, and I want her to taste of me. I want to taste of her every second of every day. That thought has me stroking deeper, licking against her tongue, trying to consume her, to possess her, and when she moans, giving herself to me, that is what really matters. That is what is so right. She gives herself to me. Freely. Completely. And I want to deserve the trust that she has given no one—not even her brother—but me. She moans, telling me she is lost in me, in us, and only then do I tear my mouth from hers and promise, “You are going to come for me before we leave this room.” I go down on one knee, my hands to her legs, my fingers walking her dress upward.

She grabs my shoulders. “No, Liam. Not here.”

“Yes, Amy. Here. Now.”

I slip her dress over her hips, my fingers find the thin lace of her black panties, stroking. Her lashes flutter and lower and I shove aside the silk to caress into the slick, wet heat of her sex.

Someone knocks on the door. She jolts and I yank her panties off, drawing her gasp and my smile, as I call out, “Occupied.”

“Liam,” Amy hisses in a reprimand.

“Keep saying my name, baby,” I encourage, lifting her leg over my shoulder.

“I can’t-”

I lick her clit. She pants. I smile again. “You can,” I assure her, licking again and twirling the nub with my tongue. She moans this time, and I suckle her, deeply, but gently, the way I know she likes it. Taming the darkest part of me, at least, for now. But that is the thing about Amy. She can handle all of me, even those tormented, broken pieces that sometimes I’m not even sure I can handle, until I kiss her or lick her like I am now, the sweet and salty taste of her caressing my tongue as it caresses her.

“Liam,” she whispers, her hips arching, my cock throbbing with my need to be inside her, my desire to fuck her. But this is about her right now. Her escape. Her pleasure. I slip two fingers inside her, fucking her with my hand and mouth, with my tongue. Her fingers find my hair, twisting and tightening right along with her sex. She moans, a sweet, sexy sound, and her entire body goes stiff in that way it does before her release. A moment later, her body is clenching my fingers, and I slow my touch. I lick softer, and then softer still until she goes limp. Only then do I ease her leg down, and then her skirt.

Standing, my lips curve and I show her the silk panties in my hand. “I’ll keep these for you.” I slip them in my pocket.

“No!” she says. “What if they fall out? Throw them away.”

“Not a chance in hell.” My hands settle at her waist, and I become solemn, that protective, possessiveness Amy stirs in me taking hold. “We are right in ways nothing else has ever been in my life. And we are going to live long, happy lives together with the kids I thought I didn’t want before you, and the safety you thought you’d never have before me.”

“I want kids. I’ll just be afraid for them, Liam. I’m still afraid for us and for Chad and Gia, even though he calls me often now.”

I cup her face. “Every parent is afraid for their children. And ours will be as well-protected as the President’s family.”

She laughs. “Oh I know. This is you we’re talking about.”

“Then there isn’t a problem. We will get pregnant.”

We can’t get pregnant. I’m the one who gets fat.”

My lips curve. “You’ll be as perfect then as you are now.” I go back to the message that brought us to this bathroom in the first place. “I will spend every day of my life protecting you and our children.”

Her hands cover mine. “I love you, Liam Stone.”

“I love you too, baby. More than life itself.” I kiss her then, a slow, sensual, kiss that ends with us jolting apart with the rumble of knocks on the door.

“Other people need to pee too!” comes some woman’s voice.

Amy’s lips curve and she erupts in giggles that have me laughing too, something I’d forgotten how to do before Amy. I take her hand in mine. “Let’s go back to the party, Mrs. Stone.”

And so we exit, ignoring the woman’s scornful looks, and while I hold my wife’s hand, she holds my heart.




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