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Tall, Dark and Dangerous

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Careless Whispers
Dirty Money
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Her elbow hit the coffee mug, and it plunged into her lap.

Lindsey jumped as the hot liquid splashed her skin and seeped into her dress. “Great! Just great.” She reached for a tissue in the top desk drawer. “Figures,” she mumbled grumpily. “Bad day, bad luck, bad everything.”

She blotted at the moisture on the silky material for a moment and then dropped her elbows to her desk, letting her face fall into her hands. She needed a minute. It had been a long night of no sleep, her thoughts and emotions raw from her argument with her father. Sighing heavily, she yanked more napkins from the drawer and stood up. Tugging at her dress, she lifted the damp cloth away from her skin.

“Need some help?” A deep, masculine voice came from nowhere, it seemed. Lindsey jumped yet again, one hand flying to her chest.

She looked up to find Mark Reeves standing in the doorway. Her eyes went wide at the sight he made. Sexy, powerful, and far too attractive for Lindsey’s comfort, he seemed to fill the room with his presence. A warm awareness danced along her nerve endings. This man got to her without even trying.

She had forgotten what it was like to have sex–until now. Mark sent vivid, not-so-pure thoughts, racing through her mind. Just being near him seemed to remind every inch of her body what she had been missing the past few years. She wasn’t immune to her carnal needs. They just hadn’t been stimulated.

Until now.

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