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Julie Update (my Oriental Shorthair Kitty)

Well we are back from the heart doc.
THANK you all for the prayers, love and support. I haven’t gotten to respond to everyone but we saw every comment and you have no idea how much it mattered and helped us!

It’s been a long few days and the support helped us get through it.

Julie has a heart rate of 200 again up from 60 so that is great! 130-240 is normal. The doc said that she had a perfect storm. The rehab doc lowered her steroids for her arthritis. That caused her dormant asthma to flare and … Read more »

Hump Day Hottie Video

Today I thought I would try something different, rather than a picture of the hottie, I thought I would share a trailer.  Today’s hottie is Charlie Hunnum, from Sons Of Anarchy and his newest movie King Arthur Legend of The Sword.  So what do you think?  Will you go see him in this movie?

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Tuesday Teaser

I shove my haul into the backseat and quickly open the driver’s door. Unable to fight the urge, I turn to look back at the building, and I suck in a breath when I find Trouble standing at the doorway through which I’d departed, staring at me. And once again, I, too, just stand there and do nothing but stare at him. I’m not frightened, though maybe I should be, but I think . . . I think he’s making sure I got to my car okay. I think I want to go back to the building, thank him for … Read more »

Recipe: Cracker Pizza and book suggestions

For some of you school has already started, and for others school will be starting soon.  That means a few thing, some may have time to read a book.  I have a few great suggestions!   And for others you may be looking for a after school snack.  I found a great recipe for Cracker Pizza on the blog Mom’s Without Answers.  Visit the site for the full recipe.  And about the book suggestions…

“Pleasure trembles through me, the world fading, time standing still…”
Amnesia. Italy. A sexy stranger. But can she trust him? $4.99 special for the 1st book … Read more »

Coming soon to Netflix & New book releases!

Check out what’s coming soon to Netflix.

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Funny Friday

Love this funny photo, plus the Oreos, I had to post it.  Those of you on my Facebook page know what I mean.  Be sure to get the latest updates on Hubby’s Oreo obsession, book news and contests on my Facebook page.… Read more »

Be the first to know!!

Did you get your COMING SOON email for Behind Closed Doors today from @Amazon??

If not, be sure you’re “following” me on Amazon:

And learn more about my new standalone coming on October 17th!


 … Read more »

Hottie Day!!

Fans of Wisteria Lane may remember the hunky gardener played by Jesse Metcalfe.  Jesse can now be seen on the TV Series Chesapeake Shore.  Only two episodes have aired so far, but it seems like a pretty good show.

And now some book news:

All US, CA, and UK buy links
The WALKER men – As seen in the INSIDE OUT SERIES!… Read more »


BEHIND CLOSED DOORS IS COMING ON OCTOBER 17TH! Pre-order here: And be sure to checkout part one of chapter one here: I’ll be adding a new segment from the first 3 chapters to Wattpad each Monday before release!


“BID. BID ON this one, Skye.”


“They haven’t even opened the doors for us to see inside,” I say, glowering at my new friend Ella and wondering why I let her obsession with Storage Wars lead me to a real-life auction. Or maybe I do know. She isn’t easy to say no to, but due to … Read more »


HERE are my upcoming releases:

 Behind Closed Doors.
A sexy poker player, blackmail, a steamy affair that could turn deadly
Buy links:
— The conclusion to the Careless Whispers series and Chris and Sara from Inside Out return!

Buy links:
Damage Control

— Part 2 of the Dirty Money series
What is Emily’s Secret?
See More

 … Read more »

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