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Kudos to Steena Holmes, who did my box set cover

I asked Steena Holmes if she could make me a box set and I swear she whipped in up in 15 minutes and it was this good. Tab down to see it.  This is why I got behind her and a few other ladies at The Red room isn’t a profit making thing for me. It’s a way to share success with people who have helped me.  Steena is fabulous to work with.

You can see her covers at


The ladies I use to copy edit are there too and I love love love them.


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Day 2 of Blog Feature Tour and giveaways

Today I am at:

Rambling Reads


Be sure to stop by today for your chance to win.… Read more »

Blog Feature Tour starts today with giveaways

Today my blog Feature Tour starts with some giveaways and fun stuff. Be sure to visit me today at:

Romance Book Craze


Be sure to stop by for your chance to win!

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Day 3- what I learned from my mom’s stroke

Hi all–

I want to take a few minutes to write about knowing the risks of a stroke.


There are two types of strokes —


1- A clot – this kind you have 3 hours to get medicine or the chances of recovery are near zero


2-Hemorrhagic — this can be a slow or fast bleed. Thankfully my mom had a slow bleed because she, and everyone around her, ignored her symptoms. But my uncle has a friend who had a slow bleed and he still died. He put it off and ignored the symptoms and … Read more »

Day 2– Tuesday — the aftermath of crisis — cry for me when I’m alive, because when I’m gone its too late.


The cab driver that drove me to the airport said that to me on the way to the airport. This after I had a complete meltdown in the cab. It’s what his Grandmother use to tell his mother.He was a really really nice person. Like a little angel in my path as I struggled to leave my mom at rehab.


Things I learned in this crisis —


–That I never want to forget that statement the cab driver made. It was profound and we all need to remember it at some point in our lives. Basically, once … Read more »

Reflections on life post traumatic event #1 of several posts –STROKE AWARENESS

Ah where to start. I guess with me sitting in my mother’s house in Texas alone. She is in a rehab facility as of tonight. We are finally out of the hospital and her prognosis is good. Thursday night she sent me an email that jumbled. I couldn’t reach her until Friday morning. When I did I knew she’d had a stroke. I just knew. I felt it to my bones and I read it in her symptoms. The problem beyond the obvious? She didn’t believe me. Either did anyone who was in Texas I tried to tell. I was … Read more »

Blaze — High Octane on sale for $1.25 at Kindle

Buy it HERE

Read an excerpt HERE

Product Description Well-known newspaper journalist Sabrina Cameron has arrived in Austin, Texas, to reinvent herself. Besides a new job and new friends, what better cure for her control-freak tendencies than to skydive for the first time in her life?Supersexy jumpmaster Ryan “Cowboy” Walker is just the wild man to push Sabrina to her limits—both of them know it on sight. The high-octane experiences that follow, meanwhile, have nothingto do with leaping from a plane. Talk about losing control!But when Sabrina’s suddenly forced to choose between new loyalties and old…it’ll not only force… Read more »
Chance to win a $25 gift card

Check out my new contest HERE

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More Zodius men

Here are some of the future heroes — I will be adding pictures and special details about each very soon


Caleb Rain –– You know Caleb by now! He is the leader of the Renegades, the twin

of Adam Rain, who leads The evil Zodius movement.  There will be lots of hints to his story in book 4!

There are some big hints in book 3- Damion’s story too!

More soon on Caleb!



Hero: Chale Bonner

34 years old Dark longish hair Tall, broad, good looking Chale is introduced as Damion’s wild, snarky-witted, Harley-riding, best friend… Read more »
An except from DANGER THAT IS DAMION – May 2012

May 2012

Pre-orders open at Amazon!


The series page HERE


She’s the first female GTECH, stripped of her memories and made to believe the GTECHS are evil, and the Renegades killed her family. Now she’s a GTECH assassin, and he’s the Renegade who plans to stop her, one hot kiss and promise, at a time.


He narrowed a probing look at her. “You really are a contradiction, aren’t you? One minute you have the vocabulary of a sailor, cursing up a storm, and the next, automatically saying ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’”

“I don’t curse like a sailor,” … Read more »

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