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Wicked Werewolf Night now available!!
Wicked Werewolf Night

A witch after his secret. A wolf after her pleasure.

Nico Moore is the leader of of The Werewolf Society’s elite Royal Guard. Aylia Richardson is the witch who calls to the beast in Nico, but destiny has also made her the keeper of a gift that threatens the very existence of his race. To destroy this gift will destroy this woman…the only one he has ever dared to call ‘mate’.


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Visit the Series Page

Barnes and Noble should be live soon. Wicked Werewolf Night Excerpt

Aylia was … Read more »

A Christmas Visit with author Joan Swan and a giveaway

Today’s guest is author Joan Swan, author of the upcoming novel, FEVER.



Welcome to the Delicious Bready Dark Side

I attribute my lack of vivid Christmas morning memories as a kid to my fetish for diet Coke as an adult, sure the chemicals have eaten away the gray matter responsible for retaining the wonders of childhood.  So, I don’t remember the point at which our Christmas morning routine of eggs, bacon and juice switched to grab a donut and coffee (or milk), but I do remember my dad going out Christmas eve to pick up a dozen…or more…donuts, … Read more »

Kindle Fire winner!

The winner — the winner! (Remember THE PLANE THE PLANE>)

Congratulations to…Trish Dechant! Trish, please email us so we can get you your Fire.

And thank you all for playing with us!


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A Christmas Visit with Eden Bradley and giveaway

Christmas and Kitties with Eden Bradley!

For various reasons, my boyfriend and I hadn’t managed to put up a tree in the few years we’d been living together until last year. We’d both been traveling the previous two Christmases, so this was our first tree together. And to make it even more of an event this was also his very first tree ever!

We kept it fairly small-well, it was just over five feet. I’d actually intended to buy an even smaller tree, sort of ease his way into it, but he chose the tree, and it was perfect. I … Read more »

2011 word warning and Hot Vampire Kiss rankings
So I sat in the airport last night waiting on DH to get his son at the gate and suddenly my entire Wicked Werewolf file turned to astericks. There was  moment of no panic. I hit something. That had to be it. But no. It wouldn’t go back. Go I googled. And guess what? Word has a flaw in 2011 that eats your file and that includes older saves. Law Schools warned students about it during finals. It’s gone. GONE. I thankfully had sent part of the file to someone to proof but I lost A LOT. I was up… Read more »
The entire list of things you can do to enter the Kindle Fire — open until midnight Sunday

Holidays are crazy so I am going to give you a complete list of things you can do to enter to win the kindle Fire. Remember every single thing you do gets you a number that goes into randomizer. EVERY single thing. So be sure you post on my blog or Donna’s that you have done each thing.

The featured book pages where you can get all links you need:


Now the list of things that get you entires:

–Tweet Donna’s book

-Tweet my book

-Facebook my book

-Facebook Donna’s book

-Like my book

-Like Donna’s book… Read more »

Another Kindle Fire contest day

Hi all!

Remember ALL contests are open until Sunday night so look at all the posts for the entire six days of the contest and feel free to do any of those things to enter. EVERY single thing you do gets you another entry. We assign each thing you do a number that will be entered into randomizer. So just like a raffle ticket, the more numbers you have, the more chances to win.

So in summary –right now you can do these things for entries if you have not already done them:

–Tweet, Facebook, blog, or tell a yahoo … Read more »

At the Ramdon blog today with my amazing angel Bobby

Bobby, one of my Underground Angels, is now a regular blogger for Random House! YAY for Bobby!


She’s blogging today and we have prizes!ge



Another chance to enter to win the Kindle fire!

Today we are tagging on amazon. So you get a chance on my site to get TWO entries for the kindle fire. A reminder that we will basically assign you numbers each day based on how many things you did and those numbers go into randomizer. So its like buying raffle tickets. The more numbers you have the more chances to win.

So today to win you will be tagging Vampire Wardens and Echoes of Magic. You go down below book suggestions to TAGS — See sample


Tags Customers Associate with This Product

Click on a tag to find … Read more »

Kindle Fire Contest continues

Please review me if you have read me!

So first YAY! I got my graphics to work. So no more colorless pictureless posts!

So the contest to win the Kindle Fire continues!







– To be entered, just participate in each day’s contest on my blog and Donna’s Blog and let us know.

Please review me if you have read me!

– At the end of the six days every entry will be counted between my blog and Lisa’s and the winner will be picked using

– Each contest will stay open until … Read more »

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