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The Secret Life of Amy Bensen
Tall, Dark and Dangerous

TOP PICK! 4 1/2 Stars! “Darkly intense and deeply erotic, each new reveal involving Chris and Sara leaves you raw and restless, emotions running high as you wait for the next obstacle. These books are an addiction!”

— RT Book Reviews on NO IN BETWEEN
Careless Whispers
Dirty Money

Archive for July, 2011

Pleasure with Purpose FREE AT NOOK and all other books on 99 cent sale!

You can download PLEASURE WITH PURPOSE FOR FREE — HERERead more »

Why/how does the tax increase proposed hurt small biz?

It hit me today as I watched a news program that many people don’t understand why this tax increase targeting the 250k income range is such a big deal to small businesses, or how it will effect job creation.

So why do I know? I owned and operated a large staffing agency, in two states, with income ranging from 8 to 16 million a year. I reinvested in growth every year and gave lots of people a chance to make great income. I wanted everyone to have opportunity and to feel they were doing well with us. We were all … Read more »

Fun post about the Lara Adrian and Donna Grant signing I attended

You can find it HERERead more »

My call story

Is posted at the Sourcebooks blog today HERERead more »

Street Team and Beta Readers

Hi all — I’m still putting together my street as I get ready for the release of THE STORM THAT IS STERLING. I have a little yahoo group called Lisa’s Underground Angels. My Angels are truly angels who help me spread the word for new releases both on line and in their cities. I also have readers who test read and proof for me. You don’t have to do both to be a part of the group. Monthly, I have some fun goodies for everyone who helps.

So if you are interested then shoot me an email at… Read more »

DH’s book on buying and selling Storage Auctions


A GUIDE TO BUYING AND SELLING STORAGE UNITS — the truth, not the fantasy fiction in the television shows.

Long before television brought you shows that make the purchase and reselling of storage auctions look glamorous and fun, there were those of us who were living in that world, and those of us who knew the truth. And what is that truth?
The truth is that ‘yes’ you can make money buying and selling storage auctions, and ‘yes’ you CAN make lots of good money. However, making that money is very much like gambling in Las Vegas. … Read more »

Day two RWA ramblings. What I learned at RWA

This was such an interesting year to be at RWA because the publishing industry is changing in vast ways and doing so at lightening speed. Everyone feels uncertain — authors and industry people alike. Everyone is trying to figure out where they fit in the industry in the future. Self Publishing is appealing to a lot of authors. I asked many why that was the case for them. Before I tell you their answers, let me just say that my main motivation for asking a lot of questions, is that I’m on the fence with this whole self publishing frenzy. … Read more »

Day one of my RWA ramblings

I’m going to start my rambling with the AFTER RWA event I attended because it summed up what RWA was all about this year. The industry is changing in a big way. So Sunday — I had the good fortune of joining a great group of readers from Long Island and two fabulous authors for a book signing. Ironically this was at the Barnes and Noble I used to go to often when I lived there. The minute I walked in it was clear MUCH had changed. The entire middle section no longer looked like a bookstore but rather a … Read more »

Lots of pictures from Sunday’s Long Island Book signing

You can see the pictures on my facebook!Read more »

Chance to winner LEGEND OF MICHAEL and RWA updates

Hi all! I am back from RWA and starting tomorrow I will blog about something I learned or experienced at RWA. I hope you will join me. I’ll be giving away fun stuff too:)

The contest is HERE with the lovely Carla from Book Monster reviews who I got to meet in Long Island Sunday. … Read more »

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