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Enrique and Diego….Don’t they look alike?

Diego says no. I SO say yes! I wish I had a good shot of Diego close up but I don’t. They are even almost the exact same age.

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A little about Legend of Michael since he releases Sunday!!:)

Legend of Michael is coming! YAY!

Legend of Michael is book one in a series about soldiers who were told they were getting immunizations and they instead received alien DNA. They become Super Soldiers. But some of these soldiers want to rule the world, they see themselves as evolution.

Part one of the story is an extended prologue meant to set up the entire series. You see the hero and heroine start to date and begin to fall in love but something big happens …… Part One ends with a bang when it does.

Part two — Two years later. … Read more »

Free book! And covers for authors who need them

Posting the below as a reminder — FREE book!
Also if you’re an author needing a cover try — she did these covers for me and just did some awesome ads too!

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Protector for FREE and Healer for 99 cents

Hi all!
As a gift to my readers PROTECTOR the first book in my Underground Guardians is FREE at Smashwords. Healer is 99 cents. The Guardians was a series I wrote years ago and it inspired the spinoff series ZODIUS that is with Sourcebooks. Book one releases May 1 — YAY — THE LEGEND OF MICHAEL.

The Guardians was a series I loved writing but I knew there were things I should have and wanted to do differently. Years passed and I didn’t write more books, despite the requests from readers, because I was torn about what I wanted … Read more »

WIN Legend of Michael & Protector for FREE and Healer for 99 cents

Hey all!
First HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my youngest son! I love you!

Also – I have a fun interview at Sizzling Hot Books and a giveaway for LEGEND OF MICHAEL! This should be live early morning. I’m typing this at about 1am:) YES! I am a night owl which means I am NOT an early bird. I can’t believe I use to take the RED EYE 4 days a week between Austin and Dallas.

Onward to more fun. My Spice editor is HERE and you can win an Amazon gift card and a chance to win a Sony e-reader!

My Read more »

Cover for Bound and Pleasures Spice July

Bound and Pleasured
Pub Date: July 2011

ISBN: 978-1-426-87887-9

Bound and Pleasured

Three years ago, Darla Rogers’s ex, Jacob Remington, left on a top secret Special Forces mission and didn’t return—at least, not to her. They had broken up after he pushed her to the erotic edge, asking her to trust him completely…and she pushed him away.

Now Jacob is back, revealing his membership in a secret society that enjoys games of dominance and submission. This time, Darla is determined prove she belongs in his world. Even if that means embracing her darkest desires with Jacob and the society’s leader….… Read more »

Pleasure with Purpose for 99 cents!

Buy it at:

Or Nook



Heather and Brad have been close family friends for ten years but both have secretly pined for each other, secretly fantasized about one sultry hot night together. So when fate delivers them a chance at that night — will they take it — and risk a lifetime of friendship being destroyed? Or will they pretend they can really wake up tomorrow and pretend it never happened?

This is a 12,000 word short, sexy story.

The story behind the story

This is a 12k short story. I wrote a novella YEARS ago called … Read more »

Sourcebooks 2011 publishing list and giveaway!

Visit here quickly so you don’t miss out! Ends Friday!… Read more »

Santa Baby for $1.24 at Kindle!

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LEGEND OF MICHAEL is shipping. And Look what I just got!

Now shipping!! YAY!
You can get your copy HERE

And look what I got today! DH is taking copies to school to show them off he’s so excited. I love that man.

This is the spinoff to my Underground Guardians series. Email me that you spot it on shelves– snap a picture and I’ll send you one of my books I have on my giveaway shelf! It’s likely not to be on shelves until closer to the first but an early sighting would sure make me grin!

And in June I’ll be doing a special contest honoring all the authors … Read more »

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