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Archive for December, 2010

Kate Douglas Christmas post and contest!

Our winner! Tracy Nickels! Email me with your address to and Merry Christmas!

Welcome Kate Douglas!

First, I’ll get my promo out of the way—WOLF TALES 11 IS STARTING TO SHOW UP IN STORES! I know you’re going to love this one! Now, on to my next favorite thing, after reading. Food!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but probably not for the reason you’d imagine. It’s not the gifts or the cheer or any of the trappings of the season. No, it’s because it’s my chance to cook—as in REALLY cook—for a crowd. I love doing … Read more »

Welcome the talented Elisabeth Naughton!

CRISTA J is our winner! Email me at with your address and choice of backlist book! Merry Christmas!

**Final contest will go up Tuesday and it may be late day. I have a bad tooth and have a dental appointment since the meds are not working. But the contest and great Kate Douglas post will be coming tomorrow and live several days for your enjoyment.

Welcome Elisabeth Naughton who has a wonderful holiday post and a chance to win a book at the end of the post. And the contests for Nancy Gideon and Rhyannon Byrd are still … Read more »

Rhyannon Byrd’s gorgeous tree and contest!

TRISH D is our winner! Email me your address to Merry Christmas!

**Awesome book and charm bracelet contest from Nancy Gideon open until Tuesday!

Welcome Rhyannon Byrd! Today we have a picture of her gorgeous tree and a contest!

Onward to Rhyannon!

Hey guys! This is our big Christmas tree from America that’s been wedged into a corner of our much smaller house here in England. LOL. It was a tight squeeze, but we love it too much to replace so we were determined to make room for it. We have so many traditions during the holidays that we … Read more »

Fun Nancy Gideon post and a contest!

JANE is our winner! Congrats — email me your address to! congrats and Merry Christmas!

My aunt just sent me this and despite a migraine it made me smile– so I want to share it before our post today in hopes it makes YOU smile as well.

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood
puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so?
It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without
packages, boxes or bags.
And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch
thought of something he
Read more »

**Laurie London contest winner posted late Friday when Nancy Gideon goes live.
Jennifer Haymore — open until Monday
Friday — Nancy Gideon — open until Tuesday
Saturday — Rhyannon Byrd — Open until Tuesday
And our final holiday post — Elisabeth Naughton– Open until Wednesday
And that will complete our holiday series. Has it really been three months of posts? It doesn’t feel like it!


Happy almost Christmas! DH made it to Texas –he drove straight through. I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep. I worry when he drives alone and he hadn’t slept. But he is … Read more »

Laurie London– an excerpt from her HQN Vampire series, prizes, and SPICED holiday joy!

WINNER — Melanie S email me with your address. Congrats!

12-14 update– Jennifer Haymore’s post is pending. Her tree photo is sideways and I cannot get my program to shift it. Sent DH on long drive to Austin to pick up his son today. Crazy and wild day. I think the tree might be staying on its side just because I’m too tired to logically fix problem. Will post by morning:) Jennifer is giving away a book and has a great recipe. Oh and also– CD’s are being mailed. First batch out, more going out. If I haven’t emailed Read more »

Olivia Cunning takes us from sweet treats to hot for Santa!

Winner Victoria CK! Congrats! Email me your address to And Happy Holidays!

HI all! A quick CD update. If I haven’t responded to your email I will as I write out your label to mail.Promise:) I am crunching through a surprise deadline. One of my Harlequin editors needs something turned in by January 5th. So it’s crunch time by I am still excited to do the extra writing because it means faster releases. Looking forward to getting everyone their CD. Fun stuff! Sharing the CD after our careful choices of music, just makes me get all warm and fuzzy … Read more »

Contest winner and final Christmas CD giveaway

Hi all! Tomorrow we have the awesome Olivia Cunning with a great holiday post. The winner for Donna Grant is Debby C! Congrats! Email me your address to

Today since my CD’s go out this weekend I’m taking a quick break from normal posting. If you’d like one of the CD’s DH and I make each year then email me your address to I am going to get as many of the request out as I possible can. I can’t promise everyone will get one and I will send them out by order of request. There might even … Read more »

Gorgeous holiday pictures from Donna Grant and a contest!

ALERT — Donna Grant contest open until midnight.New post and contest Thursday morning.I’ve added winners to the Judi Fennell, Eve Silver, and Pamela Palmer contests. I’d forgotten to pick Pamela’s winner. So sorry everyone.If you have emailed me for you prize with your address and I haven’t responded, I didn’t get it.I always respond so please do email me again.I want everyone to get their prizes to enjoy over the holiday.

Note — EVE SILVER and JUDI FENNELL CONTESTS are OPEN UNTIL MONDAY AT MIDNIGHT. Tab down and comment for your chance to win!

Welcome all! First– let me report Read more »

Judi Fennell says THE GENIES ARE COMING!

Winner is Marlene Howard –email me your choice of my backlist and your address!:)

I’m blogging here — come say hi!

Contest winners for Caridad Pineiro will be posted tomorrow. Today’s contest is for your choice of any of my backlist. Just post anything! Just say Happy Holidays to Judi to enter!

Welcome to Judi Fenell!

My favorite Thanksgiving recipe started out as an Easter tradition in our family, but because it’s so good, it’s segued to Thanksgiving as well. Hey, where does it say you can’t have it twice in a year? (And seriously? It’s so good I’m probably … Read more »

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